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My name is Brenda Johnston, I was in pain and suffering, when I met Pete Bernard. He helped me heal. I am now his student. Pete Bernard, is a Shaman or Medicine Man, a North American Algonquin Indian from Golden Lake, Ontario. I have completed Pete Bernardís 2 year, training program to become a Shamanic Energy Healer. I can facilitate over 70 different types of healing ceremonies, obtain Animal Totems, Journeying and Soul Retrieval. I can also facilitate you to help you work on specific issues, such as alleviating pain, over-coming trauma and emotional issues. You can view my Teachers web site at www.algonquinshaman.com, and The8thFire.com. My teachers name is Pete Bernard (Zsho-Ten). My name is Brenda Johnston.

The word shaman originated in Siberia and eventually came to be applied to all medicine men and women of indigenous cultures whose practice includes the flight of the soul. It is a direct experience of spiritual knowledge. As a healing practice shamanism has been very powerful for both the people of today and those reaching back into the beginnings of recorded history.

The reason that it is so powerful is because each healing is tailored to the needs of the individual being healed. Western medicine seeks to find one cure that works for many, if the number it helps is too small it isn't offered at all. The shaman provides unique treatment, which holistically addresses what a person needs at this time.

Why would you want to do this?
I hurt my shoulder, had an old back injury, plus migraines. I was in pain for three years. I did Massage, Physio, Acupuncture, Chinese Cupping and lost time from work. What finally healed me? Pete Bernard and his student.

Is it Safe?
Yes, it is from Mother Earth, Mother Nature, and The Creator. Subconsciously we were all born with the innate ability to heal ourselves. We have simply forgotten how, and thus have created a victim belief system where you believe you need a pill or operation. I start by opening sacred space.

Animals can feel this healing energy. I have worked on my cats, plus lions and tigers at a zoo. I also helped a wolf at the zoo who had a tumour on his nose.

My cat Krystal was nervous and afraid of our kittens. In two healings she became relaxed and is no longer afraid. She sleeps right beside them and is no longer stressed and hiding in the closet.

Many have experienced amazing results, improved inner and outer peace, well being and better health.

My Wish:
To never have anyone tell me about their pain and suffering and have them walk away without offering this thousand year old, safe, spiritually enlightening, non-evasive healing.

Treatments are 100% confidential. Just as a doctor takes an oath of confidentiality, a Shaman must also abide by client confidentiality.

You can contact me at torontoshaman@gmail.com or text my cell at (647) 894-HEAL (4325)
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